Risk and reward on giving trust to employees

Keeping the relationship special


We have long known we’re a nation powered by small business. And that lends itself to highly personalised ways of doing business, strong relationships going back a long way, teams that feel like family.

That’s why it’s so devastating when a business finds out someone they’ve trusted has cheated them, sometimes over a long time: a so-called ‘person in a special relationship’. There have been a number of high profile employee cases recently, but it’s not just employees – it could be any advisor.

If they betray your trust, they are people who can damage your business badly.

When these stories come to light, there are many variables: gambling addictions, sudden illness in a loved one, someone dipping into client funds thinking they’d be able to pay it back, someone who’s worked with the business since Mum and Dad ran it. The common thread is in the environment: someone was trusted enough that no one was checking.

We provide accounting services to your business needs with risk management in place that helps avoid the scenario above.



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