Timely Reminders on when taxes should be paid


Note: these dates apply to those clients for whom we prepare tax returns. Different dates will apply for those clients for whom we don’t prepare returns. Please ask us if you’d like more information.

Tax Type Who / What When it’s due
PAYE large employers return and payment 5 December AND 20 December
16 January AND 20 January
7 February AND 20 February
small employers return and payment 20 December
20 January
20 February
GST return and payment for the period ended 30 November
… for the period ended 31 December
… for the period ended 31 January
16 January
30 January
28 February
FBT quarterly return and payment (if you pay it quarterly) 20 January


Provisional Tax

These dates assume you have a March or a May balance date and that we prepare your tax returns. Please contact us if you have a different balance date and would like more information.

I pay provisional tax… And my balance date is… So my provisional tax is due next…
2 monthly

(6 times a year)

March OR May 16 January AND 28 February
4 monthly

(3 times a year)

March 16 January
  May 28 February
6 monthly

(twice a year)

May 16 January

If you need help filing your tax returns or for any other tax concerns, please contact us.



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