Who do we help?

We are passionate about helping small businesses and startups to achieve their business goals. We are your small business accountant, your virtual CFO, your beanie buddy, or whatever you want to call it. The relationship is simple, we are here to make sure you get the basics right, and act as your sounding board to help you achieve the best for you and your business.

We cannot stress enough that wherever you are in New Zealand is not a barrier for us or you. We can keep in regular touch with you through email, Skype, video call, and your Xero system. We even travel around the country every year, so you can put a face to our name :).


First step, get your tax return Sorted and questions Answered

Small Business basic from $150 per month

  • End of year accounts
  • Income tax returns
  • Company administration
  • Annual meeting
  • Tax reminders and updates
  • Phone and email support
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What we help with

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Remote bookkeeping

Need a hand with your books? Hire one of our experienced remote bookkeepers.

Why choose remote over inhouse? Well…

  • Hire our remote experienced bookkeeper – it’s cheaper than hiring a part-time accounts person!
  • Our team is already trained
  • We are available five days a week, rather than a few hours a week
  • No equipment required
  • No need to pay holiday pay, sick pay or PAYE
  • Includes weekly processing of your accounts (up to 70 transactions)
  • We will send payable reminders
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Software Solution

Working smarter not harder, we understand your time is precious, so it helps to have an advisor who understands the latest technology available within your sector. We offer specialised expertise within the following sectors:

  • Travel
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Trades
  • Hospitality
  • Inventory Management
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Need an accounting system? Consider Xero, from as little as $5 per month


Xero? Everyone’s talking about it!  It’s the accounting software package we recommend everyone should use.  This industry-leading, fully featured accounting program runs securely in the cloud, is backed up automatically each day, and you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection).

With automatic feeds from your bank, plus super-quick bank reconciliations, it’ll make your bookkeeping faster and give you a better understanding of your cashflow and profit DAILY – not just at the end of the month. Plus, as your accountants, we can access Xero at any time which means we can see what’s happening in your business in real time giving you peace of mind.

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